Auxiliary Apparatus



It is joint apparatus and placed right in the middle of head. Thickness is 4 mm. It helps to accelerate applications.

The joint strip is fixed and located in the head. It has alternative thicknesses of 3, 5, 7,9mm. Overall, it is preferred in paving materials with no calibration and milling.

It is movable joint strip. It has alternative thicknesses of 2, 4, 6,8mm. It can be rotated 360 degrees around itself.The height of all TS-T types is 16 mm. Only, 4 mm thickness joint strip has a height alternative of 38 mm.

If the edge lines are angled in the paving products, this product is preferred in order to close the joint gaps.

It is a calibration shim, which is used to solve problem like compensating tile thickness differences. There are various thickness alternatives such as 1 mm and 2 mm. It removes the pulse vibration from the center. It can be divided into 4 parts.

It is a frame assembly apparatus. It can turn 360 degrees. It can be placed at any point except the middle part. It can be screwed on the edges of framework.


Auxiliary Apparatus Used In Lath Floors

It is a frame assembly apparatus. According to the alignment to be determined the distance, the frame is screwed. Afterwards, the Karoapp is placed with the framework in the middle space in the head. It facilitates the application.

It is a frame assembly apparatus. The framework dimension should be lower than 40-50 mm. It can be screwed at the edges.

It is slope corrective apparatus. There are alternatives of 1% and 2%. It goes under the base. Can be used more than once.

Karoapp It helps reduce waste and increase our efficiency.

Polypropylene (PP) is a recyclable material obtained by recycling plastic waste.